“Our mission : To Guide you in your design strategy with the most appropriate industrial designer. Connecting Industry & Design !”

The agency

Design Connections represents several industrial designers covering all product design categories.

Finding the right designer may prove to be a complex, time-consuming and costly process for a company. 

Design Connections adresses this issue by offering a comprehensive service for Heads of Marketing, Heads of R&D and Executive Management.

Our services

Industrial Designers Agent

We are agent for 7 Industrial Designers working with many internationally renowned companies. You can find out about the work of some of them on this website.

Design Facilitator

Beyond our role as Agent for several designers, we help you on your design journey, from the identification of the right designer for your company to the realisation of your project.

  • Ad-hoc search for Industrial Designers
  • Commercial and contractual negociation
  • Creative brief
  • Project development follow-up

Project Management

We support your teams in the projects definition and development.
  • Concepts Development
  • Design Brief
  • Products Development


Passionate for design and innovation, which I implemented in several companies with the development of the first domestic draughtbeer appliance BeerTender  Heineken, the Krups Espresso machines with industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, and the recent years Nespresso machines.

Real expert, combining company experience, product innovation and development issues expertise and personal relations with recognized industrial designers . “Connecting Industry & Design !”

Why should you talk to us

Thanks to our experience in companies and our knowledge in design, Design Connections enables you to:

Save time

After a thorough analysis of your needs, we conduct our research and come up with a shortlist of designers. You just have to take the final decision on which designer you want to work with.

Be confident in your choice

The designers we propose are experienced, renowned yet accessible designers ! Moreover, we can manage the commercial and contractual negociation if you want us to.

Save money

You save time and with our selection process of the designer suitable for your needs, you save money  !

Our difference :

  • We are not a design agency; we give you access to a network of designers amongst the best in Europe;
  • We have experience in innovation and product developement with a deep knowledge of the costs/leadtimes/quality constraints.
  • We understand your issues; we speak your language and the designers’ language !
  • We can support you throughout your design journey.